About us

Kasa studios is a Stockholm based brand and was founded by Niyat Kassa in 2018 and launched in 2019. 

A native Swede born to an Eritrean mother and father but grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. After spending many years working in advertising she found that designing was the perfect expression of her creative vision. 

Kasa Studios is a mindset based on the combination of two very different sides: one very feminine, nostalgic and bold and, the other reserved, calm and modern.

Kasa studios unique aesthetic stems from vintage with a modern beautiful touch. The Kasa Studios is a piece of collectibles: items to fall in love with. There is a hint of nostalgia to it all, Niyat Kassa calls it modern vintage. 

The collection is thought for women who are who they want to be. Women who are not afraid to take risks but also have a love for simplicity and want to dress themselves with pieces that work across seasons and embrace longevity over momentary relevance.